Oh hey sugar!

Welcome to Sweetie Pie

You’re in the right place for a sugar rush with attitude!

If you’re classy, sassy and a little bad-assy, then we’re here for you!

So what do you fancy?

Take your pick!

The Rainbow Mix

The happiest and most colourful sweets we can find. For those who heart anything with a rainbow on it (errr, that’s everyone right?!) 

The Retro Mix

Filled to the brim with all the classic pick ‘n’ mix favourites. Perfect for those who know what they like, and like what they know. #sorrynotsorry

The Veggie Mix

Veggies, we got you! This one’s packed with veggie-friendly sweets. If you like your sweets gelatine-free, this box is your friend.

Whether it’s a sleepover, a pamper night or movie night in, choose your box, gather your tribe and have the best night in!

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With the highest quality standards and attention grabbing packaging, Sweetie Pie will stand out on shelf and boost your margins.

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Sweetie Pie is the ideal product to add to your delivery menu and drive incremental sales.

Great tasting, quality sweets, offer the perfect snack to complement your existing menu.

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